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NPT Pipe Threads

Stainless steel npt pipe thread adapter hydraulic fittings use a NPTF, National Pipe Tapered, Fuel (which is equivalent to NPT National Pipe Taper also referred as NPT National Pipe Thread).
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5000_Fitting SS-5000

NPT Pipe Female Coupling

5404_Fitting SS-5404

NPT Pipe Male Nipple

5405_Fitting SS-5405

NPT Pipe Enlarger

5406_Fitting SS-5406

NPT Pipe Reducer Bushing

5406-HP_Fitting SS-5406-HP

NPT Pipe Socket Plug

5406-P_Fitting SS-5406-P

NPT Pipe Hex Head Plug

SS-5406-P-Hollow_Fitting SS-5406-P-Hollow

NPT Pipe Hollow Hex Head Plug

5406C_Fitting SS-5406C

NPT Pipe Cap

5500_Fitting SS-5500

NPT Pipe 90 Male Elbow

5501 fitting SS-5501

NPT Pipe 45 Male Elbow

5502_Fitting SS-5502

NPT Pipe 90 Street Elbow

5503_Fitting SS-5503

NPT Pipe 45 Street Elbow

5504_Fitting SS-5504

NPT Pipe Female 90 Elbow

5505_Fitting SS-5505

NPT Pipe Female 45 Elbow

5600_Fitting SS-5600

NPT Pipe Male Tee

5601_Fitting SS-5601

NPT Female Pipe Branch Tee

5602_Fitting SS-5602

NPT Pipe Street Tee

5603_Fitting SS-5603

NPT Pipe Run Tee

5604_Fitting SS-5604

NPT Male Pipe Branch Tee

5605_Fitting SS-5605

NPT Pipe Female Tee

5652_Fitting SS-5652

NPT Pipe Cross


More about NPT Threaded Pipe

NPT pipe threads seal when the male NPT pipe thread taper mates with the female pipe NPT taper crushing the thread and creating a mechanical lock.