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Searching for high pressure hydraulic stainless hose fittings? High pressure stainless hose fittings come in 316 stainless steel and are based on Parker 43 and 71 series hose fittings and adapters.
Series 43 Series BW (Bite To the Wire)
Our 43 series hose ends are used primarily for 1 and 2 wire braided hydraulic hose
Bite to the wire (BW) series hose ends are a perfect style of fitting for spiral hose and can also be used on braided hose as well
HY (Dayco Comparable) ThermoPlastic Hose Ends
HY series stainless crimp hose ends represent another popular line of stainless fittings
Stainless hose ends for thermoplastic hose to build full hose assemblies
PTFE R14 (Smooth Hose) Stainless Hose Ends

PTFE stainless steel hose end fittings are used with R14 PTFE hydraulic hose for high corrosion and sanitary protection.

More About Steel Hose Fittings

We also carries HY and other stainless crimp style fittings. Find NPT hose fittings and stainless steel braided hose fittings and check the hose coupling catalogue. Please contact us for availability and crimp specifications.