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High Purity Food Grade SS316 Stainless Steel Sanitary Fittings

SS316 stainless steel offers the highest level in corrosion resistance and is typically used for applications in the food, beverage, pharma, and biotech industries
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SF16C45E - SS316 SF16C90E - SS316 SF16CER - SS316 SF16CFA - SS316
45 Elbow 90 Elbow 90 Elbow Female Adapter

Sanitary Clamp End 45 Elbow

Sanitary Clamp End 90 Elbow

Clamp End Sanitary Eccentric Reducer

Clamp End Sanitary Female Adapter

SF16CLF - SS316 SF16CMA - SS316 SF16CR - SS316 SF16CRF - SS316
Ferrule Male Adapter Concentric Reducer Ferrule

Clamp End Sanitary Long Weld Ferrule

Clamp End Sanitary Male Adapter

Clamp End Sanitary Concentric Reducer

Clamp End Sanitary Recessless Ferrule

SF16CRT - SS316 SF16CSF16 - SS316 SF16CT - SS316 SF16CTWF - SS316
Reducing Tee Ferrule Sanitary Tee Ferrule

Clamp End Sanitary Reducing Tee

Clamp End Sanitary Short Weld Ferrule

Clamp End Sanitary Tee

Clamp End Sanitary Heavy Tank Weld Ferrule

SF16CVC - SS316 SF16G - SS316 SF16HG - SS316 SF16HS - SS316
Check Valve Gasket Hanger Hanger

Sanitary Check Valve Clamp End

Sanitary Gasket

Sanitary Hanger with Grommets

Sanitary Hanger with Sleeves

SF16SC - SS316 SF16SGC - SS316 SF16TA - SS316 SF16TPF - SS316
Sanitary Cap Sight Glass Tygon Adapter Plate Flange

Solid End Sanitary Cap

Clamp End Sanitary Sight Glass

Tygon Hose Sanitary Adapter

Sanitary Tube Plate Flange

SF16W45E - SS316 SF16W90E - SS316 SF16W90LE - SS316 SF16WCR - SS316
45 Elbow 90 Elbow 90 Elbow Concentric Reducer

Sanitary Weld End 45 Elbow

Short Radius Sanitary Weld End 90 Elbow

Long Radius Sanitary Weld End 90 Elbow

Weld End Sanitary Concentric Reducer

SF16WER - SS316 SF16WRT - SS316 SF16WT - SS316
Eccentric Reducer Reducing Tee Sanitary Tee

Weld End Sanitary Eccentric Reducer

Weld End Sanitary Reducing Tee

Weld End Sanitary Tee