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Stainless Steel Flareless Compression Hydraulic Adapter Fittings

Flareless compression adapter fittings are used with metal tubing. These fittings require no flaring of the metal tube to install. They compress onto tubing to form a strong seal connection. Copper, steel, aluminum, heavy wall, stainless steel, and monel tubing can be used with flareless compression adapters. Stainless steel fittings are used for applications requiring maximum corrosion or sanitary protection.

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C2403-SS - Tube Fittings C2402-SS - Tube Fittings C2403LH-SS - Tube Fittings
C2403-SS_Stainless_Steel_Adapters C2402-SS_Stainless_Steel_Adapters C2403LH-SS_Stainless_Steel_Adapters

BT x BT Tube Union Straight (Stainless Tube Fitting)

BT x MJ (Stainless Tube Fitting)

BT x BT Tube Union Large Hex Straight (Stainless Tube Fitting)

C2404-SS - Tube Fittings C2405-SS - Tube Fittings C2406-SS - Tube Fittings
C2404-SS_Stainless_Steel_Adapter C2405-SS_Stainless_Steel_Adapters C2406-SS_Stainless_Steel_Adapter

BT x MP Adapter Straight (Stainless Tube Fitting)

BT x FP Adapter Straight (Stainless Tube Fitting)

Tube x BT Reducer (Stainless Tube Fitting)

C2408-SS - Tube Fittings C2500-SS - Tube Fittings C2501-SS - Tube Fittings
C2408-SS_Stainless_Steel_Adapters C2500-SS_Stainless_Steel_Flareless_Compression_Tube_Fittings_Adapters C2501-SS_Stainless_Steel_Flareless_Adapters

Plug (Stainless Tube Fitting)

BT x BT Elbow 90 degree (Stainless Tube Fitting)

BT x MP Elbow 90 degree Long (Stainless Tube Fitting)

C2503-SS - Tube Fittings C2601-SS - Tube Fittings C2602-SS - Tube Fittings
C2503-SS_Stainless_Steel_Adapters C2601-SS_Stainless_Steel_Flareless_Compression_Tube_Fittings_Adapters C2602-SS_Stainless_Steel_Flareless_Compression_Tube_Fittings_Adapters

BT x MP Elbow 45 degree (Stainless Tube Fitting)

BT x BT x MP Tee (Stainless Tube Fitting)

BT x BT x FP Tee (Stainless Tube Fitting)

C2603-SS - Tube Fittings C2605-SS - Tube Fittings C2606-SS - Tube Fittings
C2603-SS_Stainless_Steel_Flareless_Compression_Tube_Fittings_Adapters C2605-SS_Stainless_Steel_Flareless_Compression_Tube_Fittings_Adapters C2606-SS_Stainless_Steel_Flareless_Compression_Tube_Fittings_Adapters

BT x BT x BT Tee (Stainless Tube Fitting)

BT x MP x BT Tee (Stainless Tube Fitting)

BT x FP x BT Tee (Stainless Tube Fitting)

C2700-SS - Tube Fittings C318-SS - Tube Fittings C6400-SS - Tube Fittings
C2700-SS_Stainless_Steel_Adapters C318-SS_Stainless_Steel_Adapter C6400-SS_Stainless_Steel_Adapters

BT x BT Bulkhead Union (Stainless Tube Fitting)

Nut (Stainless Tube Fitting)

BT x MORB (Stainless Tube Fitting)

C6801-SS - Tube Fittings C6803-SS - Tube Fittings C6804-SS - Tube Fittings
C6801-SS_Stainless_Steel_Flareless_Compression_Tube_Fittings_Adapters C6803-SS_Stainless_Steel_Flareless_Compression_Tube_Fittings_Adapters C6804-SS_Stainless_Steel_Flareless_Compression_Tube_Fittings_Adapters

BT x MAORB 90 degree (Stainless Tube Fitting)

BT x BT x MAORB Tee (Stainless Tube Fitting)

BT x MAORB x BT Tee (Stainless Tube Fitting)

SS-C0319 Tube Fitting

Ferrule (Stainless Tube Fitting)