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Hydraulic Crimpers for Hydraulic Hose

HydraulicsDirect.com supplies our customers with hydraulic crimpers manufactured by Custom Machining Services Inc. of Valparaiso, Indiana. Their hydraulic crimper division (Custom Crimp) has been manufacturing the highest quality crimpers since 1979 and manufactures OEM crimpers for many of the larger hydraulic hose manufacturers such as Gates Hydraulics, Goodyear, Weatherhead, and Eaton Aeroquip. These superb quality crimpers set the absolute standard for adjustable crimping machines and are known throughout the industry for their ease of use as well as for their long service lives.

Some hydraulic hose manufacturers such as Parker Hydraulic Hose manufacture hydraulic crimpers that are only compatible with their brand of hydraulic hose ends and hose. This is often done to keep customers from using other hose brands with their crimper and thereby forcing customers to purchase hydraulic hose ends and hose from the same supplier. Our CustomCrimp hydraulic crimpers are adjustable which allows the crimper to crimp fittings to a wide variety of crimp size specifications. A hydraulic hose assembler uses a CustomCrimp die that is close to the desired final crimp size, dials in the exact crimp value on the micrometer style gage and starts the crimping process. The final OD of the crimped hydraulic hose assembly will be what was dialed in on the hydraulic crimper.

Our CustomCrimp hydraulic crimpers allow our customers the freedom to purchase their own hydraulic components so to manufacture their own hose assemblies efficiently and at a discount versus local hose shops.

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D100DIES D100 Series Adjustable Die Sets

Die sets for D165, D100H, D100P, and D100S

D100S D100S Portable Hose Crimper

Our Price: $1,793.25
D100P D100P Portable Hose Crimper

Our Price: $2,168.51
D165 D165 Hose Crimper

Our Price: $3,336.04
D205 D205 Hose Crimper

Our Price: $4,684.52