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NPT & Threaded Adapters
Pipe Thread (NPT) - Stainless Steel
Female Pipe Swivel (NPSM) - Stainless Steel
37 Degree JIC / AN - Stainless Steel
O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) - Stainless Steel
British & Metric Thread - Stainless Steel
SAE O-Ring Boss (ORB) - Stainless Steel
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Series 43
Series BW (Bite To the Wire)
HY (Dayco Comparable)
ThermoPlastic Hose Ends
PTFE R14 (Smooth Hose) Stainless Hose Ends
Quick Connects
ISO 7241B HNV - Stainless
FF High Pressure Flushface - Stainless
VVS - Screw To Connect - Stainless
ST - Straight Through - Stainless
CRS Waterblast - Stainless
HPI Gauge - Stainless
Stainless Nipples
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Butt Weld - Stainless
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Sanitary Fittings & Accessories
304 Stainless Sanitary Fittings
316 Stainless Sanitary Fittings
3A Sanitary
Stainless Braided Hose
Pipe Thread (NPT) - Steel
Pipe Female Swivel (Pipe) - Steel
37 Degree JIC - Steel
SAE O-Ring Boss (ORB) - Steel
O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) - Steel