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Brass Adapter Fittings

Using CA360 brass material stock, StainlessSteelFittings.com supplies high quality brass fittings for hydraulic applications. Our brass adapters can be used in applications where low to medium pressures exist in the fluid lines. Applications involving water, refrigeration fluids, instrumentation controls, greases, fuels, LP and natural gas are well suited for brass adapters.
  • Pipe Thread (NPTF)

    Brass pipe fitting adapters use a National Pipe Taper, Fuel (NPTF) thread and are used for hydraulic applications. Brass pipe fittings mate with pipe thread and seal with a taper.
  • SAE 45 Degree

    Brass SAE 45° adapter fittings use a 45° cone to create a mechanical seal between male and female adapters. Used in medium pressure applications involving fluids for refrigeration, pneumatics, and fuels.
  • Brass Compression

    Brass compression fitting adapters are very versatile as they can be used with copper, plastic, aluminum, and many other tubing materials.