About Stainless Steel Fittings


Focused on supplying our customers with the highest quality, OEM specification hydraulic hose and fittings for Manufacturer Direct Prices!

Since 2003, StainlessSteelFittings.com has grown into one of the largest suppliers of high quality stainless steel components globally. We stock and distribute stainless steel instrumentation fittings, compression tube, hydraulic hose ends, stainless teflon hydraulic hose, seamless stainless tubing and pipe. We offer stainless in both 304 and 316 steel materials. Please contact us today to discuss your stainless fitting requirements for your specific industry.

ABOUT US (more):

StainlessSteelFittings.com is a direct supplier to industrial clients without multiple tiers of distribution between the components and our customers. We source from the highest quality vendors and carefully follow our components even after delivery and usage at our customer applications.


Stainless steel fittings are used across many industrial applications. Our fittings are found in machinery in the oil/gas, energy production, chemical manufacturing, biopharm, food/beverage, and marine industries. We have full traceability across the material composition, manufacturing process and inspection protocols to supply the highest quality fittings in the industry. Comparable to the leading brands at the right availability and value.


Stainlesssteelfittings.com inventories the standard sizes for the most common families of compression tube, instrumentation, and hydraulic hose fittings in both 304 and 316 stainless steels. We offer components from multiple high quality vendors to insure we have more than one supplier for our customers requirements. Our hydraulic hose manufacturing capability allows many hose assemblies to be shipped in a short lead time often within the same day as the order is placed.


Our fittings are manufactured to exacting specifications and hold extremely tight tolerances for its base material. Although the quality is equal to those of the larger brands, our value is unmatched as our large economy of scales allow us to offer the best value to our customers.