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FFC-FORB (Flush Face Steel Quick Connect)
FFC-FORB (Flush Face Steel Quick Connect)
ISO 16028 Flushface Female and Male Quick Coupler x ORB Female

These quick connect couplers are equivalent to the following:
-Parker FEM Series
-Aeroquip FD89
-Faster FF Series
-Holmbury Series A

Coupling thread is SAE ORB Female
ISO 16028 Flat Face Socket/Plug SAE ORB Female

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FFCF-FORB-06-06 FFCF-FORB-06-06 - 3/8" Female Coupler x 3/8" ORB (#6 SAE)
FFCF-FORB-10-10 FFCF-FORB-10-10 - 5/8" Female Coupler x 5/8" ORB (#10 SAE)
FFCF-FORB-16-16 FFCF-FORB-16-16 - 1" Female Coupler x 1" ORB (#16 SAE)
FFCM-FORB-06-06 FFCM-FORB-06-06 - 3/8" Male Coupler x 3/8" ORB (#6 SAE)
FFCM-FORB-10-10 FFCM-FORB-10-10 - 5/8" Male Coupler x 5/8" ORB (#10 SAE)
FFCM-FORB-16-16 FFCM-FORB-16-16 - 1" Male Coupler x 1" SAE/ORB
FFCM-FORB-08-08 ISO16028, flat face male, 1/2"-UNF3/4"
FFCF-FORB-16-20 ISO16208, flat face female, 1"-UNF1.5/8"
FFCF-FORB-08-12 ISO16208, flat face female, 1/2"-UNF1.1/16"
FFCF-FORB-08-08 ISO16208, flat face female, 1/2"-UNF3/4"
FFCF-FORB-08-10 ISO16208, flat face female, 1/2"-UNF7/8"
FFCF-FORB-12-12 ISO16208, flat face female, 3/4"-UNF1.1/16"
FFCF-FORB-12-16 ISO16208, flat face female, 3/4"-UNF1.5/16"
FFCF-FORB-06-08 ISO16208, flat face female, 3/8"-UNF3/4"
FFCF-FORB-10-12 ISO16208, flat face female, 5/8"-UNF1.1/16"
FFCM-FORB-16-20 ISO16208, flat face male, 1"-UNF1.5/8"
FFCM-FORB-08-12 ISO16208, flat face male, 1/2"-UNF1.1/16"
FFCM-FORB-08-10 ISO16208, flat face male, 1/2"-UNF7/8"
FFCM-FORB-04-04 ISO16208, flat face male, 1/4"-UNF9/16"
FFCM-FORB-12-12 ISO16208, flat face male, 3/4"-UNF1.1/16"
FFCM-FORB-12-16 ISO16208, flat face male, 3/4"-UNF1.5/16"
FFCM-FORB-06-08 ISO16208, flat face male, 3/8"-UNF3/4"
FFCM-FORB-10-12 ISO16208, flat face male, 5/8"-UNF1.1/16"
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Material: High pressure carbon steel with zinc trivalent anti-corrosion coating

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