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Parker Hannifin: The Parker Hannifin company started out as a manufacturer in Cleveland, Ohio in 1918. Arthur Parker founded Parker hydraulic hose company to supply hydraulic component to the burgeoning automotive and manufacturing industries that had exploded in growth in the Midwest region of the United States. Currently #216 out of the Fortune 500, Parker is one of the largest hydraulic components suppliers with a workforce of 58,000 with operations in 47 countries and 142 divisions and 311 manufacturing plants. In 1998, Parker introduced the first Parkerstore with a goal to reach aftermarket clients and to increase exposure to their brand. Now there are 1000 Parkerstores worldwide. Parker recorded sales of $12.8 billion in 2011.

Eaton: Founded in Clevendland, Ohio in 1911, Eaton has now grown to become a $16.1 billion dollar company employing 73,000 workers across 68 countries. Eaton has 43 different brands of hydraulic products including Aeroquip, Weatherhead, Char-Lynn, Boston, Centurion, Cooper Electric, and many others. Aeroquip and Weatherhead are the primary hydraulic hose and hose fitting brands. Weatherhead hydraulic hose is the primary brand of hoses for industrial and mobile applications. Recently, Eaton has made multiple acquisitions to consolidate smaller hydraulic hose supplier under the Eaton corporate umbrella.

Gates: Gates was started by Charles Gates in Denver, CO. Their initial products success included development of the first rubber serpentine belt. Gates continues to be the largest supplier of serpentine belts globally. $2.9 billion in sales in 2011. Gates operates under the corporate umbrella of the Tompkins group of England. 106 locations in 30 countries, Gates primarily supplies serpentine belts but is also involved in the large scale supply of hydraulic hose and fittings internationally.

Ryco: Australian based Ryco is a supplier of hydraulic hose, fittings and filters. The company started operations in Australia in 1946 manufacturing hydraulic components for industrial and mining operations across Australia and Malaysia. Ryco has grown to be a large low cost, high quality supplier with warehouse and offices across the world.

Semperit: Semperit is based in Austria and has been manufacturing high quality rubber hydraulic hoses since inception in 1824. Semperit employs approximately 8,000 in 21 production and sales offices across the world. Semperit revenues were recorded as $963,000,000 in 2011 split between their medical and industrial products. $243,000,000 of this revenue is from Semperit’s hydraulic hose product line. Semperit was one of the earliest hydraulic hose suppliers in Europe growing as the economies of Europe (especially Austria and Germany) grew after industrialization.

Balflex: Since 1963, Balflex has been manufacturing hydraulic hose and industrial hydraulic products such as adapters, fittings, couplings, and v-belt. In additiona to a broad offering of hydraulic hoses, Balflex also manufactures and distributes industrial, PVC, stainless, and PTFE hoses. Balflex has the manufacturing capacity to produce 5,000,000 feet of hydraulic hose monthly.

Chinese (Baili Flex, Iron Horse): Chinese hose suppliers are of course growing and producing better quality hydraulic hose that will eventually be the equivalent of US and European manufactured hydraulic hoses. Currently, their downfall is the lack of vulcanized rubber designed for hydraulic hoses. By not vulcanizing the rubber of the hydraulic hoses, the odor of the Chinese hose is strong and the cover is more sussitble to cracking and pitting. However, as with most Chinese production, the Chinese hose suppliers will catch up and compete with the best of the western manufacturers in the next 5-10 years.

Dunlop Hiflex: Dunlop was founded in 1889 in Ireland as primarily a rubber tire supplier for bicycles across Europe. Amongst other ruber products, Dunlop produces and markets hydraulic hose under it’s Hiflex brand. Dunlop hose is a very popular brand in Europe espeacilly in the UK/Ireland market. However, market share for Dunlop is dwindling.

Goodyear: With $18.8 billion dollars in sales, Goodyear is one of the largest industrial companies in the world. However in terms of hydraulic hose, it is still a secondary player working to gain market share from the other large hydraulic hose suppliers such as Parker and Eaton. 72,000 employees mostly focus on Goodyears primary rubber product which are tires. However with aggressive pricing and a quality product, Goodyear seems on the verge of growth for the upcoming decade.

Pirtek: Pirtek is a hydraulic hose supplier that deals in primarily Pirrelli hose products. The Pirtek distribution method is significantly different than that of it’s competitors. Unlike Parker’s ParkerStores or Eaton’s strong distribution supply chain, Pirtek relies on franchisees to carry stock of the products and distribute them locally to hydraulic hose customers. Pirtek has 300 franchise stores across the US and many more throughout the world (especially Australia and the UK).