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Compression Tube Fittings </h1>
Flareless compression tube fittings are used to terminate hydraulic tubing ends or allow them to connect to other hydraulic tubing. They come in straights, 90 degree elbows, 45 degree elbows, tees, branch tees, run tees and crosses.

Double Ferrule versus Single Ferrule

Most compression tube manufacturers will use double or single ferrule configuration to lock tubing to the fittings.
Swagelok, Parker, SSP, and Weatherhead flareless compression fittings will use a double ferrule combination whereas Tylok and Tompkins will use a single ferrule combination.


Flareless compression tube fittings are installed using a clocking method to tighten hydraulic lines to the fittings.  The ferrule(s) keep the tubing locked into the fitting while the nut tightens to compress the fittings.