Compression Tube Fittings
Stainless Fittings

What are Compression Tube Fittings used for?

Compression fittings are used to attach two sections of pipe together and commonly have ferrules in them. Flareless compression fittings, also called standard compression fittings, do not require that the metal tube is flared before installation. The ferrule compresses onto the tubing which creates a seal that is able to withstand very high pressures. Compression fittings are typically used for water taps and toilet stop valves as they are well suited to the confined spaces where these valves are commonly found.

Flareless tube compression fittings are typically composed of two parts: an inner compression ring (ferrule) and an outer compression nut. After installation, the nut is tightened and the ferrule is compressed between the nut and the receiving fitting. The ferrule seals the space between the pipe, nut and receiving fitting, forming a tight seal that is able to withstand high pressures.

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