Hose End/Fittings Help Guide

Untitled Document Bite To The Wire (W Series) Hose Ends
hydraulic Fitting Steel bite to the wire hose ends come with steel “teeth” inside the hose end that bite into the steel wires inside hydraulic hose when crimped. This creates a very strong permanent crimp connection to the hose to withstand higher working pressures. W series hose sends work with 4-wire as well as with 1 and 2 wire hydraulic hose. W series hose ends are somewhat more heavy duty than Standard fittings and are ideal for mobile machinery. These fittings resemble Parker style of hose ends.

Standard/Braided Hose Ends
hydraulic Fitting
Steel standard hose ends crimp onto hydraulic hose to form hose assemblies. The steel fins inside the hose end grip onto the hydraulic hose rubber cover to form a permanent durable crimp suitable for both 1 and 2 wire hydraulic hoses. These fittings resemble Weatherhead style of hose fittings

Textile Cover Hose Ends (R5)
hydraulic Fitting
Permanently mounted steel textile cover hose ends are specifically designed to crimp onto 100R5 textile hydraulic hose.

Thermoplastic Hose Ends
hydraulic Fitting Permanently mounted steel hose ends designed for use with R7 and R8 non conductive thermoplastic hydraulic hose. Excellent choice for forklift applications.

Beaded (Barbed) Hose Ends
hydraulic Fitting Re-mountable steel beaded (barbed) hose ends are mounted onto a hydraulic hose using a clamp to hold the end in place. Typical applications are low pressure hydraulic hose assemblies. These ends are low cost and simple to mount in the field without the need of a crimper.

Ultra High Pressure
hydraulic Fitting
Ultra high pressure permanent steel hose ends are manufactured using high strength carbon steel and are built ultra robust for the highest pressure hydraulic hose applications. Heavier steel walls make these hose ends the choice for very high pressure applications. No skivving is required prior to crimping these hose ends.

Refrigerant Hose Ends
hydraulic Fitting Steel permanent refrigerant hose ends are used with refrigerant hydraulic hoses to form complete hose assemblies.

Teflon Stainless Hose Ends
hydraulic Fitting Permanent teflon stainless steel hydraulic hose end fittings are used with R14 Teflon hydraulic hose for high corrosion and sanitary protection applications.

Suction Hose Ends – 100R4
hydraulic Fitting Steel permanent suction hose ends are used as hydraulic fittings on SAE 100R4 suction hose. These hose ends are light weight and economical and crimp onto R4 hydraulic hose using a standard crimper.

High Pressure Hose Ends – JJ Style Skive
Hydraulic Fitting Steel JJ style hose ends require the hydraulic hose to be skived prior to installation. These permanent hose ends work well with SAE 100R13 hydraulic hose to build extremely high pressure hose assemblies.