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StainlessSteelFittings.com carries a wide variety of superb quality SS 316 stainless valves. The termination points include threaded NPT (national pipe thread), socket weld, code 61 flange, code 62 flange, sanitary valves, and butt weld terminations. Our inventory is well stocked in the part we carry and many valves will ship within a day or two of ordering. You may also contact us for further technical specs on any of the valves we carry. We can provide dimensional drawings, material certifications, and certificates of origins. Our primary stainless valves lines include Sharpe Valves and Gemels (one of the largest valve manufacturers in Italy). Please contact us for further information
Ball Valves - Stainless High Pressure - Stainless

Square and Round Body Valves

Flange End Valves

3-Way High Pressure - Stainless Sanitary Valves - Stainless

Square and Round Body Three Way Valves

Valves for Sanitary Pipe Applications

Gate Valves - Stainless Globe Valves - Stainless

Gate Valves

Globe Valves

Check Valves - Stainless Specialty Valves - Stainless
Plug Valves - Stainless Purge Valves - Stainless
Relief Valves - Stainless Ultra High Pressure Valves