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NPT Pipe Threads

Stainless steel pipe thread adapter hydraulic fittings use a NPTF (National Pipe Tapered, Fuel which is equivalent to NPT National Pipe Taper) thread that seals when the male taper mates with the female taper crushing the thread and creating a mechanical lock.
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SS-5000 SS-5404 SS-5405 SS-5406
5000_Fitting 5404_Fitting 5405_Fitting 5406_Fitting

NPT Pipe Female Coupling

NPT Pipe Male Nipple

NPT Pipe Enlarger

NPT Pipe Reducer Bushing

SS-5406-HP SS-5406-P SS-5406C SS-5500
5406-HP_Fitting 5406-P_Fitting 5406C_Fitting 5500_Fitting

NPT Pipe Socket Plug

NPT Pipe  Head Plug

NPT Pipe Cap

NPT Pipe 90 Male Elbow

SS-5501 SS-5502 SS-5503 SS-5504
5501 fitting 5502_Fitting 5503_Fitting 5504_Fitting

NPT Pipe 45 Male Elbow

NPT Pipe 90 Street Elbow

NPT Pipe 45 Street Elbow

NPT Pipe Female 90 Elbow

SS-5505 SS-5600 SS-5601 SS-5602
5505_Fitting 5600_Fitting 5601_Fitting 5602_Fitting

NPT Pipe Female 45 Elbow

NPT Pipe Male Tee

NPT Pipe Branch Tee

NPT Pipe Street Tee

SS-5603 SS-5604 SS-5605 SS-5652
5603_Fitting 5604_Fitting 5605_Fitting 5652_Fitting

NPT Pipe Run Tee

NPT Pipe Branch Tee

NPT Pipe Female Tee

NPT Pipe Cross

Thread Lock Paste Thread Lock Sealant Tape

Thread Sealing Paste

Teflon Tape